Mar 31th Sep There are several types of Rolex bracelet replica, do you know?
Rolex stuff can no longer delete, but watches are also standard. But today we will talk about this topic. As you know, Rolex's style is very classic, and the changes are relatively small so that you can count the types of belts.How much is a Rolex Bracelet replica?

Oyster bracelet

Rolex's three most classic inventions are the Oyster construction, its waterproof construction, the enduring classic made from an innovative automatic rotor, and the "Date" window, which displays the phone's data. The Oyster bracelet was born with a classic Oyster construction. The sturdy metal belt was introduced in the late 1930s and has a three-wire connection, making it an essential design for Oyster watches. Bracelet used in the entire professional watch series and classic models such as memory type, daylight type, and sky-dweller. For example, the Oyster belt is the most widely used water trunk at home and abroad. The Bracelet equipped with a variety of Rolex bundles (Oyster-style wheat, Oyster-style safety bundles, crown bundles) and an easy-to-adjust connection extension system.

Fuller belt

Head type belts are very dominant. A unique and elegant metal belt that connects three and a half rows of rings. It was a belt specially designed for the famous Oyster Eternal Sun Dial Watch released in 1956. Yes, it's a favorite presidential watch. Did the name of the state chief come from the president's clock? Headband belts are still in use today, fitted with precious metals for everyday metals and women's watches of select dates, usually with an elegantly hidden Rolex crown.

Commemorative belt

Unlike the Oyster belt and the Head of State belt, the commemorative belt is a flexible and comfortable 5-row chain metal belt. Designed specifically for the Oyster Eternal Date, launched in 1945. It's classic and very detailed. Ribbons usually fitted with Rolex's elegantly hidden crown packs.

Crocodile belt

The Rolex we know maybe most metal belts, but that doesn't mean Rolex doesn't have a belt. Rolex has a series that uses all leather belts, the Cellini series. Rolex Cellini series watches equipped with a precious crocodile leather Bracelet and an 18-carat gold pack that fits the case's gold material to showcase the purest traditional style. However, the new Seller Luna Moon Watch, released in 2017, features an 18-carat Everose Gold Folding Crown Bundle. It is the first time this package has used in the Cellini series. Of course, Alligator used in leather Bracelet sets and Rolex Day-Date watches, which are incredibly colorful.

Rubber belt

In the past, rubber bands were the same as cheap ones, but now people's perceptions of rubber bands are changing, and despite being as cold as Patek Philippe and Bridget, more and more famous watch brands are starting to try rubber bands. I am. Such a high-end brand. That's why conservatives like Rolex are beginning to carry rubber bands, which is not surprising. Rolex's first rubber band, the Yacht-Master, was unveiled at the Basel Observatory in 2015 and has been extremely popular since its launch. In addition to the Rolex cruise shipmaster, he started using rubber belts in the Dayton series. Rolex rubber belts, called Oysterflex, are Rolex-designed and patented sports belts that replace metal belts. The Bracelet fitted with elastic titanium-nickel alloy to the shell and oyster-style safety parts. The metal sheet wrapped in high-performance black rubber does not easily affect the watch's various environmental conditions. Abrasion-resistant and very stable. The Oysterflex belt features a long, patented cushioning system that adjusts the clock to ensure a more comfortable fit.

Pearl master belt

Many people may be paying too much attention to Rolex men's watches and ignoring women's watches. However, Rolex women's watches are also a significant part of it, with the Rolex Bracelet replica type PEARL MASTER belt specially designed for women's watches. In Chinese, it also known as a lady pearl type watch. This sensual and elegant gold belt features five rows of circular links specially designed for the 1992 pearl watch.

In summary, Rolex has a total of six belts, including four metal belts (Oyster belt, headband, belt, pearl belt), an alligator belt, and a rubber (OYSTERFLEX) watch. Do you know?